5 Interior Design Ideas for 2018

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5 Interior Design Ideas for 2018

5 Interior Design Ideas for 2018
Natural wooden elements have long been popular in home design, but today`s homeowners want to update last season`s trends. From sleek and sophisticated black elements to sweeter and softer lavender, the possibilities are practically endless with this year`s interior design trends. Check out these interior design ideas to help you decide how to improve your home`s look.

Booth-Style Seating in the Kitchen

Booth-style seating is one of those trends that comes back into play every decade or so. After all, they`re cute, functional, and save space. While earlier trends showed popular country-style wooden booths or even `50s-inspired vinyl designs, today`s kitchen seating is more modern and functional. Add a gray-washed booth to one kitchen wall and fill it out with a matching table and a couple of detachable chairs. Your favorite flowers or gorgeous glass elements work as the perfect centerpieces.

Matte Black Finishes

Matte black adds elegance, mystery and sophistication to any room, creating a modernized look that is hard to match elsewhere. If you want a room that is sophisticated but still inviting, mix in elements of gray-washed wood. For example, your bathroom would look amazing with a gray wooden vanity or wooden shelves that flow into black matte tiles or black matte decor.

Open Floor Plans in the Kitchen

Open floor plans are the key to making your kitchen more inviting while remaining functional. Larger spaces in the kitchen provide room to move around - more than one cook in the kitchen does work sometimes - and creating an open space that looks into the living room makes it easier to entertain while still working in the kitchen. If you need storage space, you can have the best of both worlds by adding a half wall of wooden cabinets between the kitchen and living room. A large wooden island provides space to sit with family or cook.

Shades of Lavender

2017 was all about Millennial pink, but 2018 wants something a bit more serene. From actual lavender flora to the gorgeous light shades of purple, lavender is everywhere. Light-colored wooden headboards mix perfectly with lavender sheets and create a soft sophistication. Try adding art pieces in shades of lavender to a wooden table for a light wash of color.

Natural Elements

Wood and natural elements are in this year. The natural elements create a gorgeous space that will last for years to come without becoming an outdated trend. Try mixing wooden elements, like shelving and cabinets, into a natural limestone bathroom. Of course, hardwood flooring and wooden tables are always popular in living rooms and kitchen areas. They also add an elegant element to bedrooms.

Are you ready to put your interior design ideas out into the real world? Gish`s Furniture would love to help. We sell a wide range of Amish heirloom pieces and other gorgeous wooden furniture to help you create the look you have been dreaming of. To learn more about our products and services, call us or visit our store today. We look forward to helping you create the home of your dreams.

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