Stop Washing Your Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine

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Stop Washing Your Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine

Stop Washing Your Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine
Whether you wear a baseball cap every day to cover up a particularly bad hair day or lack of a shower, or to protect yourself from the sun while you bake at the kids' outdoor sporting events, chances are the cap isn't looking so good anymore. If you're like me, occasionally when it comes back to you, throw it in the washing machine with the other laundry. But that's not the best way to make sure your beloved beanie from college or that once-in-a-lifetime family trip keeps its shape. Here's how to wash it the right way.

How to clean a lightly soiled baseball cap.

If your cap just needs a quick cleaning, the best way to freshen it up is gently by hand. To do this, fill a clean sink or bucket with cold water and a few drops of (bleach-free) mild detergent. We all know it's best to drip the detergent in first to get suds. If you forget, you can stir the water by hand to create bubbles. Let your hat soak for 5-10 minutes.

Then rinse the hat with cold water. Roll a clean towel around everything except the brim to gently squeeze out the excess water. Hang the hat to dry, or stuff it into a small towel, bowl or ball and let it air dry to keep its shape. Avoid putting the hat in the dryer.

How to clean a cap thoroughly

If you've worn a cap during a Tough Mudder race, or it's heavily covered in sunscreen, sand, sweat, or other unspecified contaminants, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Start as above with a clean bowl or bucket of cool water, but this time add a color-safe oxygen bleach like OxiClean (or save a few bucks and make your own using 2 parts water, 1 part hydrogen peroxide, and 1 part washing soda - which is not the same as baking soda).

Let the cap soak in the cleaning solution and water for about an hour. During this time, you can target stains by applying OxiClean and scrubbing with a toothbrush. (Personally, I would also use the toothbrush to scrub the dirtiest part of the beanie, which is the inside of the bill that spends all that time soaking up the juices, lotions and dirt from your forehead.)

Once the beak is cleaned, rinse it with cold water and dry it as described above. Note: These instructions do not apply to old caps with a cardboard bill. Clean them with stain remover or a mild detergent, but do not soak the visor.

Can you clean a baseball cap in the dishwasher?

For convenience, you can put it in the dishwasher, but that's not the best way to preserve the shape and color of your cap in the long run. If you do put it in the dishwasher once in a while, use only cold water, the gentle cycle, and a bleach-free detergent.

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