Cleaning white shoes - 5 tips

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Cleaning white shoes - 5 tips

Cleaning white shoes - 5 tips
Cleaning white shoes can be a serious problem. You'll have to brush and scrub until they start to shine. Also, you should be especially careful outdoors because white shoes get dirty in minutes.
Is there any way to leave them just as white and clean even after you buy them? There certainly is!
In this article, you will see some useful tips that will help you make your shoes as clean as possible in the fastest possible time.
Let's get started!

1. Detergent and baking soda

Using detergent and baking soda is the most common option to help you clean your shoes. You may have to work hard to get your shoes back to their original whiteness.
The nice thing about this option is that you probably already have everything you need.
What you'll need:
  • Toothbrush.
  • Detergent.
  • baking soda.
Add baking soda and detergent at a ratio of one to one and a half. Mix the entire substance well. Now take a brush, put the substance on it and clean your shoes. After cleaning, rinse your shoes well and put them in the washing machine.
Before washing (on the delicate mode), remove the laces and inner soles of the shoe. You don't want your shoes hitting each other during the wash, so you can throw a couple of towels in with them - they will balance the load.

2. Magic Eraser

Another good way is to use a Magic Eraser, which is a small, useful cleaning item. It is a small cube of foam, and does a great job of removing most dirty marks.
All you have to do is add water and start cleaning your shoes. The Magic Eraser is great for white shoes with rubber soles (like Converse) as well as leather white shoes. Using the Magic Eraser:
  • You will need to wet a paper towel, and wipe the outside of the shoe. Let the shoe dry afterwards (10-15 minutes).
  • Wet the eraser and squeeze out the excess water. Start rubbing the soles until the stains and dirt begin to disappear.
  • Take a soft cotton cloth and apply Ivory soap to it. Gently rub the top of the shoe until you see white. Wipe off any excess soap with a soft cloth. Allow the shoe to dry.

3. Vinegar and baking soda

Another good way to clean white shoes. Vinegar and baking soda are available in almost every kitchen, so you should have no problem finding these ingredients.
This option is great for canvas and leather shoes. Here's how you can implement it:
Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of white bite in a bowl, also add a cup of water. Now take an unwanted toothbrush and start cleaning your shoes. 

4. Bleach

Bleach is a great option for white cloth shoes. Your gray shoes will regain their old color and become dazzling white again.
1 part bleach should be diluted in a bowl with 5 parts water. If you decide to use this method - make sure your room is well ventilated. Water and bleach are mixed in a small container.
Dip your toothbrush into the resulting solution and apply a circular motion to clean your shoes. Brush until the stains begin to disappear. Rinse off the solution with warm water and wipe with a soft towel. The shoes should dry for at least 6-7 hours before you use them again.

5. Toothpaste

Yes, it really works! Toothpaste is not only good for your teeth, but it can also help clean your shoes. Wipe your shoes with a wet rag.
Now squeeze some toothpaste onto your brush and add water. Start rubbing the soiled areas of your shoes. You can wipe off excess toothpaste with a damp cloth. This method is great for sneakers, white fabric and mesh.
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